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Event Details

Small, but mighty! The 3-piece band includes singer/guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

If you're worried about space, this option is provides big sound with a smaller setup.

Is this option...perfect? (yes, it is.)

The 4-piece band is my most popular option! It includes singer/guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keys.

This combination gives you the best options for all music genres from rock to northern soul.

Bigger is always better! The 5-piece band includes singer/guitarist, bassist, drummer, keys, and saxophone.

This option is perfect for those who like to have that little bit extra. This option is meant for those ready to truly party!

Or £/month (for 12 months)


Playlist DJ Service

You provide the playlist, we provide the equipment to turn your DJ service into an automated DJ experience. (Please note we do not just use Spotify, we promise.)

Manned DJ Service

We provide the equipment and the DJ so that your guests can make requests on the night. (Please note that we cannot take unlimited requests if mobile or wifi service is limited.)
Or £/month (for 12 months)

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Or £/month (for 12 months)*

*Amounts include a deposit of £150.

(Please note that this is only a quote and the final amount will be agreed once we have spoken.)

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